Alaska, United States

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Basic Information About Alaska

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Capital : JuneauPopulation of : 648,818
NDD: 1Current time: -05:00..-11:00
Alaska area code: 907Coordinates: 64.2008° N, 149.4937° W
Exit code : 011Area: 1,530,700 km²
Country code of United States: 1Official GOV. web site:

Alaska Area Code Pieces of Information

If you’re looking for information on the Alaska area code, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find all you need to know about the area code in Alaska, including how to dial them and what cities it covers.

Area code 907 is the only area code that covers the entire state. The Alaska area code was created on October 7th, 1957. The area code is initiated with a 1 and has a total of 9 digits. Calls within the state of Alaska do not require an area code, but calls to or from Alaska to other states do require dialing 1 followed by the area code.

The first three digits of an Alaska telephone number indicate the area code. If you’re trying to call someone in Alaska and don’t know their area code, just dial 907 and then the rest of the phone number.

There are currently over 259,000 active phone numbers using the Alaska area code. The Alaska area code is unique in that it is one of only two area codes in the United States that does not have an associated time zone (the other being Hawaii’s area code 808). The Alaska area code is also one of the longest area codes in the United States, spanning over 2,500 miles.

Area Code for the Largest Cities in Alaska

CityArea CodeCityArea CodeCityArea Code
Anchorage      907Chugiak907Eagle River907

City/Area Code: Alaska

CityCountyArea CodeCityCountyArea Code
AdakAleutians West Census Area907KoyukNome Census Area907
AkiachakBethel Census Area907KoyukukYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
AkiakBethel Census Area907KwethlukBethel Census Area907
AkutanAleutians East Borough907KwigillingokBethel Census Area907
AlakanukWade Hampton Census Area907Lake MinchuminaYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
AleknagikDillingham Census Area907Larsen BayKodiak Island Borough907
AllakaketYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907LevelockLake and Peninsula Borough907
AmblerNorthwest Arctic Borough907Lower KalskagBethel Census Area907
Anaktuvuk PassNorth Slope Borough907Manley Hot SpringsYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
Anchor PointKenai Peninsula Borough907ManokotakDillingham Census Area907
AnchorageAnchorage Borough907MarshallWade Hampton Census Area907
AnchorageMunicipality of Anchorage907Mc GrathYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
AndersonDenali Borough907MekoryukBethel Census Area907
AngoonHoonah-Angoon Borough907MetlakatlaPrince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Borough907
AniakBethel Census Area907Meyers ChuckPrince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Borough907
AnvikYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907MintoYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
Arctic VillageYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907Moose PassKenai Peninsula Borough907
AtkaAleutians West Census Area907Mountain VillageWade Hampton Census Area907
AtqasukNorth Slope Borough907NaknekBristol Bay Borough907
Auke BayCity and Borough of Juneau907NapakiakBethel Census Area907
BarrowNorth Slope Borough907NenanaYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
BeaverYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907New StuyahokDillingham Census Area907
BethelBethel Census Area907NightmuteBethel Census Area907
Bettles FieldYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907NikiskiKenai Peninsula Borough907
Big LakeMatanuska-Susitna Borough907NikolaiYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
Brevig MissionNome Census Area907NikolskiAleutians West Census Area907
BucklandNorthwest Arctic Borough907NinilchikKenai Peninsula Borough907
CantwellDenali Borough907NoatakNorthwest Arctic Borough907
CentralYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907NomeNome Census Area907
ChalkyitsikYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907NondaltonLake and Peninsula Borough907
ChefornakBethel Census Area907NoorvikNorthwest Arctic Borough907
ChevakWade Hampton Census Area907North PoleFairbanks North Star Borough907
ChickenSoutheast Fairbanks Census Area907NorthwaySoutheast Fairbanks Census Area907
ChignikLake and Peninsula Borough907NuiqsutNorth Slope Borough907
Chignik LagoonLake and Peninsula Borough907NulatoYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
Chignik LakeLake and Peninsula Borough907Nunam IquaWade Hampton Census Area907
ChitinaValdez-Cordova Census Area907NunapitchukBethel Census Area907
ChugiakAnchorage Borough907Old HarborKodiak Island Borough907
CircleYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907OuzinkieKodiak Island Borough907
Clam GulchKenai Peninsula Borough907PalmerMatanuska-Susitna Borough907
Clarks PointDillingham Census Area907Pedro BayLake and Peninsula Borough907
ClearYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907PelicanHoonah-Angoon Borough907
Coffman CovePrince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Borough907PerryvilleLake and Peninsula Borough907
Cold BayAleutians East Borough907PetersburgPetersburg Borough907
Cooper LandingKenai Peninsula Borough907Pilot PointLake and Peninsula Borough907
Copper CenterValdez-Cordova Census Area907Pilot StationWade Hampton Census Area907
CordovaValdez-Cordova Census Area907PlatinumBethel Census Area907
CraigPrince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Borough907Point BakerPrince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Borough907
Crooked CreekBethel Census Area907Point HopeNorth Slope Borough907
DeeringNorthwest Arctic Borough907Point LayNorth Slope Borough907
Delta JunctionSoutheast Fairbanks Census Area907Port AlexanderPetersburg Borough907
Denali National ParkDenali Borough907Port AlsworthLake and Peninsula Borough907
DillinghamDillingham Census Area907Port HeidenLake and Peninsula Borough907
DouglasJuneau Borough907Port LionsKodiak Island Borough907
Dutch HarborAleutians West Census Area907Prudhoe BayNorth Slope Borough907
EagleSoutheast Fairbanks Census Area907QuinhagakBethel Census Area907
Eagle RiverAnchorage Borough907RampartYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
EekBethel Census Area907Red DevilBethel Census Area907
EgegikLake and Peninsula Borough907RubyYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
Eielson AfbFairbanks North Star Borough907Russian MissionWade Hampton Census Area907
EkwokDillingham Census Area907Saint George IslandAleutians West Census Area907
Elfin CoveHoonah-Angoon Borough907Saint MarysWade Hampton Census Area907
ElimNome Census Area907Saint MichaelNome Census Area907
EmmonakWade Hampton Census Area907Saint Paul IslandAleutians West Census Area907
EsterFairbanks North Star Borough907SalchaFairbanks North Star Borough907
FairbanksFairbanks North Star Borough907Sand PointAleutians East Borough907
False PassAleutians East Borough907SavoongaNome Census Area907
Fort GreelySoutheast Fairbanks Census Area907Scammon BayWade Hampton Census Area907
Fort WainwrightFairbanks North Star Borough907SelawikNorthwest Arctic Borough907
Fort YukonYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907SeldoviaKenai Peninsula Borough907
GakonaValdez-Cordova Census Area907SewardKenai Peninsula Borough907
GalenaYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907ShagelukYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
GambellNome Census Area907ShaktoolikNome Census Area907
GirdwoodAnchorage Borough907ShishmarefNome Census Area907
GlennallenValdez-Cordova Census Area907ShungnakNorthwest Arctic Borough907
Goodnews BayBethel Census Area907SitkaSitka Borough907
GraylingYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907SkagwaySkagway Borough907
GustavusHoonah-Angoon Borough907SkwentnaMatanuska-Susitna Borough907
HainesHaines Borough907SleetmuteBethel Census Area907
HealyDenali Borough907SoldotnaKenai Peninsula Borough907
Holy CrossYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907South NaknekBristol Bay Borough907
HomerKenai Peninsula Borough907StebbinsNome Census Area907
HoonahHoonah-Angoon Borough907SterlingKenai Peninsula Borough907
Hooper BayWade Hampton Census Area907Stevens VillageYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
HopeKenai Peninsula Borough907SuttonMatanuska-Susitna Borough907
HoustonMatanuska-Susitna Borough907TakotnaYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
HughesYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907TalkeetnaMatanuska-Susitna Borough907
HusliaYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907TanacrossSoutheast Fairbanks Census Area907
HydaburgPrince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Borough907TananaYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
HyderPrince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Borough907TatitlekValdez-Cordova Census Area907
IliamnaLake and Peninsula Borough907TellerNome Census Area907
IndianAnchorage Borough907Tenakee SpringsHoonah-Angoon Borough907
JberAnchorage Borough907Thorne BayPrince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Borough907
JuneauJuneau Borough907TogiakDillingham Census Area907
JuneauCity and Borough of Juneau907TokSoutheast Fairbanks Census Area907
KakePetersburg Borough907Toksook BayBethel Census Area907
KaktovikNorth Slope Borough907Trapper CreekMatanuska-Susitna Borough907
KalskagBethel Census Area907TuluksakBethel Census Area907
KaltagYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907TuntutuliakBethel Census Area907
KarlukKodiak Island Borough907TununakBethel Census Area907
KasiglukBethel Census Area907Two RiversFairbanks North Star Borough907
KasilofKenai Peninsula Borough907TyonekKenai Peninsula Borough907
KenaiKenai Peninsula Borough907UnalakleetNome Census Area907
KetchikanKetchikan Gateway Borough907UnalaskaAleutians West Census Area907
KetchikanPrince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Borough907ValdezValdez-Cordova Census Area907
KianaNorthwest Arctic Borough907VenetieYukon-Koyukuk Census Area907
King CoveAleutians East Borough907WainwrightNorth Slope Borough907
King SalmonBristol Bay Borough907WalesNome Census Area907
KipnukBethel Census Area907Ward CoveKetchikan Gateway Borough907
KivalinaNorthwest Arctic Borough907WasillaMatanuska-Susitna Borough907
KlawockPrince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Borough907White MountainNome Census Area907
KobukNorthwest Arctic Borough907WhittierValdez-Cordova Census Area907
KodiakKodiak Island Borough907WillowMatanuska-Susitna Borough907
KongiganakBethel Census Area907WrangellWrangell Borough907
KotlikWade Hampton Census Area907YakutatYakutat Borough907
KotzebueNorthwest Arctic Borough907DozierCrenshaw County334