International Calling Codes

International calling codes are a set of numbers that allow people to call each other across different countries. Each country has its unique code that is used before dialing the actual phone number. It may seem like an extra step, but it ensures that your call reaches the right destination and doesn’t get lost along the way.

Think of international calling codes as passports that give your call permission to travel across borders and oceans. Each country has its unique code that serves as an entry ticket before you dial the actual phone number. This extra step may seem tedious, but trust me, it’s crucial! Without it, your call might end up reaching the wrong destination, causing confusion and frustration.

Overall, international calling codes are a handy tool for staying connected with loved ones or conducting business with colleagues who are located far away. With just a few simple steps, you can talk to anyone, anywhere in the world – no matter how far apart you may be.

Now, here’s the deal – international calling codes can be different depending on where you’re calling from and where you’re calling to. So, if you want to avoid any mishaps, it’s essential to double-check that you have the right code for the country you’re trying to reach. A quick online search or consultation with your service provider can do the trick.

International calling codes are like magic wands that make it possible for us to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world. Whether you want to catch up with your best friend who’s studying abroad or seal a business deal with a partner on the other side of the globe, these codes have got your back! So go ahead, pick up that phone, and connect with your loved ones or colleagues worldwide! With international calling codes, distance is just a number.

List of International Calling Codes

CountryCountry CodeInternational PrefixNational PrefixNational NumberUTC/DST*Note
Afghanistan930009 digits+4.30 
Albania3550003 to 9 digits+1/+2 
Algeria2130008, 9 digits+1 
American Samoa10111(684)+7 digits-11 
Andorra376006, 8, 9 digits+1/+2 
Angola2440009 digits+1 
Anguilla10111(264)+7 digits-4 
Antigua and Barbuda10111(268)+7 digits-4 
Argentina5400010 digits-3 
Armenia3740008 digits+4/+5 
Aruba297007 digits-4 
Australia61001105 to 15 digits+10/+1112
Australian External Territories6720006 digits+11.308
Austria430004 to 13 digits+1/+2 
Azerbaijan9940008 to 9 digits+4/+5 
Bahamas10111(242)+7 digits-5/-4 
Bahrain973008 digits+3 
Bangladesh8800006 to 10 digits+6 
Barbados10111(246)+7 digits-4 
Belarus37581089 to 10 digits+2/+3 
Belgium320008 to 9 digits+1/+22
Belize501007 digits-6 
Benin229008 digits+1 
Bermuda10111(441)+7 digits-4/-3 
Bhutan975007 to 8 digits+6 
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)5910008 digits-4 
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba5990007 digits-4 
Bosnia and Herzegovina3870008 digits+1/+2 
Botswana267007 to 8 digits+2 
Brazil5500010 digits-3/-218
British Virgin Islands10111(284)+7 digits-4 
Brunei Darussalam673007 digits+8 
Bulgaria3590007 to 9 digits+2/+32
Burkina Faso226008 digitsUTC 
Burundi257008 digits+2 
Cambodia855001, 00708 digits+7 
Cameroon237008 digits+1 
Canada1011110 digits-5/-411
Cape Verde238007 digits-1 
Cayman Islands10111(345)+7 digits-5 
Central African Rep.236008 digits+1 
Chad235008 digits+1 
Chile561YZ01YZ8 to 9 digits-4/-314
China860005 to 12 digits+8 
Colombia57009/007/00509/07/058, 10 digits-51
Comoros269007 digits+3 
Congo242009 digits+1 
Cook Islands682005 digits-10 
Costa Rica506008 digits-6 
Côte d’Ivoire225008 digitsUTC 
Croatia3850008 to 12 digits+1/+2 
Cuba5311906 to 8 digits-5/-4 
Curaçao5990007 to 8 digits-4 
Cyprus357008, 11 digits+2/+320
Czech Rep.420004 to 12 digits+1/+2 
Dem. People’s Rep. of Korea8500006 to 17 digits+9 
Dem. Rep. of the Congo2430005 to 9 digits+1 
Denmark45008 digits+1/+2 
Diego Garcia246007 digits+6 
Djibouti253006 digits+3 
Dominica10111(767)+7 digits-4 
Dominican Rep.10111(809/829)+7 digits-4 
Ecuador5930008 digits-5 
Egypt200007 to 9 digits+2/+3 
El Salvador503007, 8, 11 digits-615
Equatorial Guinea240009 digits+1 
Eritrea2910007 digits+3 
Estonia372007 to 10 digits+2/+3 
Ethiopia2510009 digits+3 
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)500005 digits-4/-3 
Faroe Islands298006 digitsUTC/+1 
Fiji679007 digits+12/+13 
Finland35800,99X05 to 12 digits+2/+3 
France330009 digits+1/+22
French Dep. and Territories in the Indian Ocean262009 digits+3, +4 
French Guiana594009 digits-3 
French Polynesia689006 digits-10 
Gabon241006, 7 digits+1 
Gambia220007 digitsUTC 
Georgia9950009 digits+4 
Germany490006 to 13 digits+1/+2 
Ghana2330005 to 9 digitsUTC 
Gibraltar350008 digits+1/+2 
Global Mobile Satellite System (GMSS), shared881     
Greece3000010 digits+2/+32
Greenland299006 digits-3/-2 
Grenada10111(473)+7 digits-4 
Group of countries, shared code388     
Guadeloupe590009 digits-4 
Guam10111(671)+7 digits+10 
Guatemala502008 digits-6 
Guinea224008 digitsUTC 
Guinea-Bissau245007 digitsUTC 
Guyana5920017 digits-4 
Haiti509008 digits-5 
Honduras504008 digits-6 
Hong Kong, China8520014, 8 to 9 digits+8 
Hungary3600068 to 9 digits+1/+27
Iceland354007, 9 digitsUTC 
India910007 to 10 digits+5.30 
Indonesia62001.00805 to 10 digits+76
Inmarsat SNAC870009 digits  
International Freephone Service8008 digits  
International Networks, shared code882     
International Networks, shared code883     
International Premium Rate Service (IPRS)9799 digits  
International Shared Cost Service (ISCS)8088 digits  
Iran (Islamic Republic of)980006 to 10 digits+3.30/+4.30 
Iraq9640008 to 10 digits+3 
Ireland3530007 to 11 digitsUTC/+13
Israel972“00,012,013,014”08 to 9 digits
Italy3900up to 11 digits+1/+25
Jamaica10111(876)+7 digits-5 
Japan8101005 to 13 digits+9 
Jordan9620005 to 9 digits+2/+3 
Kazakhstan7810810 digits+6 
Kenya25400006 to 10 digits+319
Kiribati686005 digits+12 
Korea (Rep. of)82001.0020.0828 to 11 digits+9 
Kuwait965007, 8 digits+3 
Kyrgyzstan9960009 digits+6 
Lao P.D.R.8560008 to 10 digits+7 
Latvia371007, 8 digits+2/+3 
Lebanon9610007 to 8 digits+2/+3 
Lesotho266008 digits+2 
Liberia231007 to 8 digitsUTC 
Libya2180008 to 9 digits+2 
Liechtenstein423007 to 9 digits+1/+2 
Lithuania3700008 digits+2/+3 
Luxembourg352004 to 11 digits+1/+2 
Macao, China853007 to 8 digits+8 
Madagascar261009 to 10 digits+3 
Malawi265007, 8 digits+2 
Malaysia600007 to 9 digits+89
Maldives960007 digits+5 
Mali223008 digitsUTC 
Malta356008 digits+1/+2 
Marshall Islands69201117 digits+12 
Martinique596009 digits-4 
Mauritania222007 digitsUTC 
Mauritius230007 digits+422
Mexico52000110 digits-6/-510
Micronesia69101117 digits+11 
Moldova (Republic of)3730008 digits+2/+3 
Monaco377005 to 9 digits+1/+2 
Mongolia97600107 to 8 digits+8 
Montenegro3820004 to 12 digits+1/+2 
Montserrat10111(664)+7 digits-4 
Morocco2120009 digitsUTC2
Mozambique258008 to 9 digits+2 
Myanmar950007 to 9 digits+6.30 
Namibia2640006 to 10 digits+1/+2 
Nauru674004, 7 digits+12 
Nepal9770008 to 9 digits+5.45 
Netherlands310009 digits+1/+2 
New Caledonia687006 digits+11 
New Zealand640003 to 10 digits+12/+13 
Nicaragua505008 digits-6 
Niger227008 digits+1 
Nigeria23400907 to 10 digits+1 
Niue683004 digits-11 
Northern Marianas10111(670)+7 digits+10 
Norway47005, 8 digits+1/+2 
Oman968007 to 8 digits+4 
Pakistan920008 to 11 digits+5 
Palau6800117 digits+9 
Panama507007, 8 digits-523
Papua New Guinea675004 to 11 digits+10 
Paraguay5950005 to 9 digits-4/-3 
Peru510008 to 11 digits-5 
Philippines630008 to 10 digits+8 
Poland480006 to 9 digits+1/+2 
Portugal351009, 11 digitsUTC/+1 
Puerto Rico10111(787/939)+7 digits-4 
Qatar974003 to 8 digits+3 
Romania400009 digits+2/+3 
Russian Federation7810810 digits+417
Rwanda250009 digits+2 
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha247004 digitsUTC 
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha290004 digitsUTC4
Saint Kitts and Nevis10111(869)+7 digits-4 
Saint Lucia10111(758)+7 digits-4 
Saint Pierre and Miquelon508006 digits-3/-2 
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines10111(784)+7 digits-4 
Samoa68503 to 7 digits-11/-10 
San Marino378006 to 10 digits+1/+25
Sao Tome and Principe239007 digitsUTC 
Saudi Arabia9660008 to 9 digits+3 
Senegal221009 digitsUTC 
Serbia3810004 to 12 digits+1/+2 
Seychelles248007 digits+4 
Sierra Leone2320008 digitsUTC 
Singapore65001.0088 to 12 digits+89
Sint Maarten (Dutch part)10111(721) + 7 digits-4 
Slovakia4210004 to 9 digits+1/+2 
Slovenia3860008 digits+1/+2 
Solomon Islands677005 digits+11 
Somalia252005 to 8 digits+3 
South Africa270009 digits+22
South Sudan211000 +3 
Spain34009 digits+1/+2 
Sri Lanka940009 digits+5.30 
Sudan2490009 digits+3 
Suriname5970006 to 7 digits-3 
Swaziland268007 to 8 digits+2 
Sweden460007 to 13 digits+1/+2 
Switzerland410004 to 12 digits+1/+22
Syrian Arab Republic9630008 to 10 digits+2/+3 
Taiwan, China88600208 to 9 digits+8 
Tajikistan99281089 digits+5 
Tanzania25500009 digits+319
Telecommunications for Disaster Relief (TDR)888     
Thailand6600108, 9 digits+72
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia3890008 digits+1/+2 
Timor-Leste670007 digits+9 
Togo228008 digitsUTC 
Tokelau690004 digits-10 
Tonga676005, 7 digits+13 
Trial of a proposed new international service991     
Trinidad and Tobago10111(868)+7 digits-4 
Tunisia216008 digits+1 
Turkey9000010 digits+2/+3 
Turkmenistan99381088 digits+5 
Turks and Caicos Islands101(649)+7 digits-5/-4 
Tuvalu688005, 6 digits+12 
Uganda25600009 digits+319
Ukraine3800009 digits+2/+3 
United Arab Emirates9710008 to 9 digits+4 
United Kingdom440007 to 10 digitsUTC/+1 
United States1011110 digits-5/-421
United States Virgin Islands10111(340)+7 digits-4 
Universal Personal Telecommunication (UPT)878     
Uruguay5980004 to 11 digits-3/-2 
Uzbekistan99881089 digits+5 
Vanuatu678005, 7 digits+11 
Vatican379   16
Vatican3900up to 11 digits+1/+2 
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)5800010 digits-4.30 
Viet Nam840007 to 10 digits+7 
Wallis and Futuna681006 digits+12 
Yemen9670006 to 9 digits+3 
Zambia2600009 digits+2 
Zimbabwe2630005 to 10 digits+2 
Reserved970    13