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Basic Information About Connecticut

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Capital : HartfordPopulation of : 3,483,372
NDD: 1Current time: -05:00..-11:00
Connecticut area codes: 203860Coordinates: 41.6032° N, 73.0877° W
Exit code : 011Area: 12,997 km²
Country code of United States: 1Official GOV. web site:

Connecticut Area Codes Pieces of Information

The state of Connecticut is located in the northeastern United States and is bordered by Rhode Island to the east, Massachusetts to the north, and New York to the west. The capital of Connecticut is Hartford and its largest city is Bridgeport. The state has a population of over 3 million people.

The 203 area code is the original area code for the entire state of Connecticut. It was put into place in 1947. The 203 area code covers southwestern Connecticut, including the cities of Stamford, New Haven, and Greenwich.

The 860 area code is the second-oldest area code in Connecticut. It was created in 1995 as a split from the 203 area code. The 860 area code covers the rest of the state, including the cities of Hartford, Waterbury, and New Britain.

The format for writing telephone numbers in Connecticut is: (area code) xxx-xxxx. The first three digits of the phone number are known as the exchange code, and the last four digits are known as the subscriber number or line number. The exchange code is used to route calls to the correct telephone exchange, and the subscriber number is used to route the call to the specific line of that customer.

Area codes are assigned to specific geographic areas, so the area code you have will depend on what part of Connecticut you live in. If you need to find out what your area code is, you can use an online area code lookup tool or look it up in the phone book.

When dialing a phone number in Connecticut, you must always include the area code, even if it is the same as the one you are calling from. If you are making an international call from Connecticut, you will need to dial 011 + the country code + the phone number.

If you are making a long-distance call within the United States from Connecticut, you will need to dial 1 + the area code + the phone number.

To make a long-distance call to Connecticut from another country, you will need to dial 011 + 1 + the area code + the phone number.

Connecticut is part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), which means that its area codes are compatible with those in other parts of the United States and Canada. When calling from one NANP country to another, you do not need to dial an exit code. Just dial 1 + the area code + the phone number, as you would for any other long-distance call within the NANP.

Area Codes for the Largest Cities in Connecticut

CityArea CodeCityArea CodeCityArea Code
Bristol860New Britain860Stratford203
Central Manchester860New Haven203Torrington860
Danbury203New London860Trumbull203
East Hartford860Newington860Waterbury203
East Haven203North Haven203West Hartford860
Hartford860Norwalk203West Haven203

City/Area Code: Connecticut

CityCountyArea CodeCityCountyArea Code
AnsoniaNew Haven County203Mansfield CenterTolland County860
Beacon FallsNew Haven County203Mansfield DepotTolland County860
BethanyNew Haven County203MarionHartford County860
BethelFairfield County203MarlboroughHartford County860
BotsfordFairfield County203MashantucketNew London County860
BranfordNew Haven County203Middle HaddamMiddlesex County860
BridgeportFairfield County203MiddletownMiddlesex County860
CheshireNew Haven County203MontvilleNew London County860
Cos CobFairfield County203MoodusMiddlesex County860
DanburyFairfield County203MoosupWindham County860
DarienFairfield County203MorrisLitchfield County860
DerbyNew Haven County203MysticNew London County860
East HavenNew Haven County203New BritainHartford County860
EastonFairfield County203New HartfordLitchfield County860
FairfieldFairfield County203New LondonNew London County860
GeorgetownFairfield County203New Preston Marble DaleLitchfield County860
Greens FarmsFairfield County203NewingtonHartford County860
GreenwichFairfield County203NianticNew London County860
GuilfordNew Haven County203NorfolkLitchfield County860
HamdenNew Haven County203North CantonHartford County860
HawleyvilleFairfield County203North FranklinNew London County860
MeridenNew Haven County203North GranbyHartford County860
MiddleburyNew Haven County203North GrosvenordaleWindham County860
MilfordNew Haven County203North StoningtonNew London County860
MilldaleHartford County203North WestchesterNew London County860
MonroeFairfield County203North WindhamWindham County860
NaugatuckNew Haven County203NorthfieldLitchfield County860
New CanaanFairfield County203NorwichNew London County860
New FairfieldFairfield County203OakvilleLitchfield County860
New HavenNew Haven County203Old LymeNew London County860
NewtownFairfield County203Old MysticNew London County860
North BranfordNew Haven County203Old SaybrookMiddlesex County860
North HavenNew Haven County203OnecoWindham County860
NorthfordNew Haven County203PawcatuckNew London County860
NorwalkFairfield County203PlainfieldWindham County860
Old GreenwichFairfield County203PlainvilleHartford County860
OrangeNew Haven County203PlantsvilleHartford County860
OxfordNew Haven County203PlymouthLitchfield County860
ProspectNew Haven County203PomfretWindham County860
Redding CenterFairfield County203Pomfret CenterWindham County860
Redding RidgeFairfield County203PoquonockHartford County860
RidgefieldFairfield County203PortlandMiddlesex County860
RiversideFairfield County203PrestonNew London County860
Sandy HookFairfield County203PutnamWindham County860
SeymourNew Haven County203Quaker HillNew London County860
South BritainNew Haven County203QuinebaugWindham County860
SouthportFairfield County203RivertonHartford County860
StamfordFairfield County203RockfallMiddlesex County860
StevensonFairfield County203Rocky HillHartford County860
StratfordFairfield County203RogersWindham County860
TrumbullFairfield County203RoxburyLitchfield County860
WallingfordNew Haven County203SalemNew London County860
WaterburyNew Haven County203SalisburyLitchfield County860
WestportFairfield County203ScotlandWindham County860
WiltonFairfield County203SharonLitchfield County860
WolcottNew Haven County203ShermanFairfield County860
WoodbridgeNew Haven County203SimsburyHartford County860
WoodburyLitchfield County203SomersTolland County860
AbingtonWindham County860SomersvilleTolland County860
AmstonTolland County860South GlastonburyHartford County860
AndoverTolland County860South KentLitchfield County860
AshfordWindham County860South LymeNew London County860
BallouvilleWindham County860South WillingtonTolland County860
BalticNew London County860South WindhamWindham County860
BantamLitchfield County860South WoodstockWindham County860
BarkhamstedLitchfield County860SouthingtonHartford County860
BerlinHartford County860StaffordTolland County860
BloomfieldHartford County860Stafford SpringsTolland County860
BoltonTolland County860StaffordvilleTolland County860
BozrahNew London County860SterlingWindham County860
BridgewaterLitchfield County860StoningtonNew London County860
BristolHartford County860Storrs MansfieldTolland County860
Broad BrookHartford County860SuffieldHartford County860
BrooklynWindham County860TaftvilleNew London County860
BurlingtonHartford County860TariffvilleHartford County860
CanaanLitchfield County860TerryvilleLitchfield County860
CanterburyWindham County860ThomastonLitchfield County860
CantonHartford County860ThompsonWindham County860
Canton CenterHartford County860TollandTolland County860
CenterbrookMiddlesex County860TorringtonLitchfield County860
Central VillageWindham County860UncasvilleNew London County860
ChaplinWindham County860UnionvilleHartford County860
ChesterMiddlesex County860Vernon RockvilleTolland County860
ClintonMiddlesex County860VersaillesNew London County860
CobaltMiddlesex County860VoluntownNew London County860
ColchesterNew London County860WashingtonLitchfield County860
ColebrookLitchfield County860Washington DepotLitchfield County860
CollinsvilleHartford County860WaterfordNew London County860
ColumbiaTolland County860WatertownLitchfield County860
CornwallLitchfield County860WaureganWindham County860
Cornwall BridgeLitchfield County860WeatogueHartford County860
CoventryTolland County860West CornwallLitchfield County860
CromwellMiddlesex County860West GranbyHartford County860
DanielsonWindham County860West HartfordHartford County860
DayvilleWindham County860West MysticNew London County860
Deep RiverMiddlesex County860West SimsburyHartford County860
DurhamMiddlesex County860West SuffieldHartford County860
East BerlinHartford County860WestbrookMiddlesex County860
East CanaanLitchfield County860WethersfieldHartford County860
East GlastonburyHartford County860WillimanticWindham County860
East GranbyHartford County860WillingtonTolland County860
East HaddamMiddlesex County860WindhamWindham County860
East HartfordHartford County860WindsorHartford County860
East LymeNew London County860Windsor LocksHartford County860
East WindsorHartford County860WinstedLitchfield County860
East Windsor HillHartford County860WoodstockWindham County860
East WoodstockWindham County860Woodstock ValleyWindham County860
EastfordWindham County860YanticNew London County860
EllingtonTolland County860AvonHartford County203,860
EnfieldHartford County860BethlehemLitchfield County203,860
EssexMiddlesex County860GranbyHartford County203,860
FabyanWindham County860HartfordHartford County203,860
Falls VillageLitchfield County860KillingworthMiddlesex County203,860
FarmingtonHartford County860MadisonNew Haven County203,860
Gales FerryNew London County860MeridenNew Haven County203,860
GaylordsvilleLitchfield County860MiddletownMiddlesex County203,860
GilmanNew London County860New CanaanFairfield County203,860
GoshenLitchfield County860New HavenNew Haven County203,860
Grosvenor DaleWindham County860NorwalkFairfield County203,860
GrotonNew London County860OakdaleNew London County203,860
HaddamMiddlesex County860SheltonFairfield County203,860
HadlymeNew London County860SouthburyNew Haven County203,860
HamptonWindham County860StamfordFairfield County203,860
HanoverNew London County860WaterburyNew Haven County203,860
HartfordHartford County860West HartfordHartford County203,860
HarwintonLitchfield County860West HavenNew Haven County203,860
HebronTolland County860WestonFairfield County203,860
HigganumMiddlesex County860WestportFairfield County203,860
IvorytonMiddlesex County860GreenwichFairfield County203,914
Jewett CityNew London County860BristolHartford County860,203
KentLitchfield County860GlastonburyHartford County860,203
LakevilleLitchfield County860HartfordHartford County860,203
LebanonNew London County860MiddlefieldMiddlesex County860,203
LedyardNew London County860New HavenNew Haven County860,203
LitchfieldLitchfield County860New MilfordLitchfield County860,203
ManchesterHartford County860NorwalkFairfield County860,203