Hawaii, United States

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Basic Information About Hawaii

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Capital : HonoluluPopulation of : 1,257,608
NDD: 1Current time: -05:00..-11:00
Hawaii area code: 808Coordinates: 19° 44′ 30.3180” N, 155° 50′ 39.9732” W
Exit code : 011Area: 16,759 km²
Country code of United States: 1Official GOV. web site: ehawaiigov.org

Hawaii Area Code Pieces of Information

The area code for Hawaii is 808. The 808 area code covers the entire state of Hawaii. Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States and is located in the Pacific Ocean. Area code 808 is also known as the “Aloha State” area code.

The 808 area code is one of the original 86 Area Codes created by AT&T and the Bell System in 1947. It served the entire state of Hawaii until 1995 when the outer islands were assigned Area Code 326. In 2000, Area Code 967 was created for Hawaii’s neighbor islands, and Area Code 808 was split into two parts. Area Code 808 now only serves Oahu, while Area Code 967 serves all other Hawaiian Islands.

The first telephone exchange in Hawaii was established in 1883, and was known as “Honolulu.” The first long-distance call from Hawaii to California was made in 1915. In 1961, Hawaii became the 50th state admitted into the Union.

Hawaii’s population is about 1.4 million people, and the state has a land area of 10,931 square miles. The capital city of Honolulu is located on the island of Oahu and is the most populous city in Hawaii. Other major cities in Hawaii include Hilo, Kailua, and Kaneohe.

The 808 area code is home to many famous people, including Barack Obama, who was born in Honolulu, and Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin. Area code 808 is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, including Waikiki Beach, Lanikai Beach, and Hanauma Bay.

If you need to call someone in Hawaii from another country, you must first dial 011 (the exit code for the United States), followed by 1 (the country code for the United States), 808 (the area code for Hawaii), and then the 7-digit phone number.

If you are ever in Hawaii, be sure to enjoy area code 808!

Area Code for the Largest Cities in Hawaii

CityArea CodeCityArea CodeCityArea Code
Aiea808Ewa Beach808Fort Shafter808
Mililani808Pearl City808Schofield Barracks808
Tripler Army Medical Center808Waimanalo808Waipahu808

City/Area Code: Hawaii

CityCountyArea CodeCityCountyArea Code
AieaHonolulu County808KilaueaKauai County808
AnaholaKauai County808KoloaKauai County808
Camp H M SmithHonolulu County808KualapuuMaui County808
Captain CookHawaii County808KulaMaui County808
EleeleKauai County808KuniaHonolulu County808
Ewa BeachHonolulu County808KurtistownHawaii County808
Fort ShafterHonolulu County808LahainaMaui County808
HaikuMaui County808LaieHonolulu County808
HakalauHawaii County808Lanai CityMaui County808
HaleiwaHonolulu County808LaupahoehoeHawaii County808
HanaMaui County808LawaiKauai County808
HanaleiKauai County808LihueKauai County808
HanamauluKauai County808M C B H Kaneohe BayHonolulu County808
HanapepeKauai County808MakawaoMaui County808
HauulaHonolulu County808MakaweliKauai County808
Hawaii National ParkHawaii County808MaunaloaMaui County808
HawiHawaii County808MililaniHonolulu County808
HiloHawaii County808Mountain ViewHawaii County808
HolualoaHawaii County808NaalehuHawaii County808
HonaunauHawaii County808NinoleHawaii County808
HonokaaHawaii County808Ocean ViewHawaii County808
HonoluluHonolulu County808OokalaHawaii County808
HonomuHawaii County808PaauiloHawaii County808
HoolehuaMaui County808PahalaHawaii County808
J B P H HHonolulu County808PahoaHawaii County808
KaaawaHonolulu County808PaiaMaui County808
KahukuHonolulu County808PapaaloaHawaii County808
KahuluiMaui County808PapaikouHawaii County808
KailuaHonolulu County808Pearl CityHonolulu County808
Kailua KonaHawaii County808PepeekeoHawaii County808
KalaheoKauai County808PrincevilleKauai County808
KalaupapaKalawao County808PukalaniMaui County808
KamuelaHawaii County808PuuneneMaui County808
KaneoheHonolulu County808Schofield BarracksHonolulu County808
KapaaKauai County808Tripler Army Medical CenterHonolulu County808
KapaauHawaii County808VolcanoHawaii County808
KapoleiHonolulu County808WahiawaHonolulu County808
KaumakaniKauai County808WaialuaHonolulu County808
KaunakakaiMaui County808WaianaeHonolulu County808
KeaauHawaii County808WaikoloaHawaii County808
KealakekuaHawaii County808WailukuMaui County808
KealiaKauai County808WaimanaloHonolulu County808
KeauhouHawaii County808WaimeaKauai County808
KekahaKauai County808WaipahuHonolulu County808
KiheiMaui County808Wake IslandHonolulu County808
   Wheeler Army AirfieldHonolulu County808