Rhode Island, United States

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Basic Information About Rhode Island

Capital : ProvidencePopulation of : 1,076,164
NDD: 1Current time: -05:00..-11:00
Rhode Island area code: 401Coordinates: 41.3700°N, 71.3952°W
Exit code : 011Area: 3,140 km²
Country code of United States: 1Official GOV. web site: ri.gov

Rhode Island Area Code Pieces of Information

The Rhode Island Area Code is the telephone area code for the U.S. state of Rhode Island. The main area code, 401, covers the entire state except for Block Island. 801 and 339 are overlay codes covering the same geographic area as 401. The Rhode Island area code is a three-digit number that represents the geographic region of Rhode Island. The Rhode Island area code is split into two sections: 781 and 401. The 781 area code covers the northern part of the state, while the 401 area code covers the southern part. Each area code is assigned to a specific geographic region.

The Rhode Island area code is one of the original 86 area codes that were created in 1947. It is one of the few remaining single-state area codes in the United States. It is also one of only two area codes (along with Area Code 201 in New Jersey) that still has its original numbering plan area. The other 84 original area codes have all been split or overlayed at some point in their history. It originally covered the entire state of Rhode Island; however, as Rhode Island’s population increased and more telephone exchanges were established, additional area codes were subsequently added to provide relief to 401. The second Rhode Island Area Code, 801, was added in 1959 as an overlay to 401. The third Rhode Island Area Code, 339, was added in 2010 as an overlay to 401 and 801.

If you need to call someone in Rhode Island, you will need to use the Rhode Island Area Code followed by the seven-digit telephone number. When making a long-distance call within the United States, you will need to use the 1 + area code + seven-digit telephone number. For calls made outside of the United States, you will need to use the 011 + country code + area code + seven-digit telephone number.

Area Code for the Largest Cities in Rhode Island

CityArea CodeCityArea CodeCityArea Code
Providence401Warwick401East Providence401

City/Area Code: Rhode Island

CityCountyArea CodeCityCountyArea Code
AdamsvilleNewport County401MaplevilleProvidence County401
AlbionProvidence County401MiddletownNewport County401
AshawayWashington County401NarragansettWashington County401
BarringtonBristol County401NewportNewport County401
Block IslandWashington County401North KingstownWashington County401
BradfordWashington County401North ProvidenceProvidence County401
BristolBristol County401North ScituateProvidence County401
CarolinaWashington County401North SmithfieldProvidence County401
Central FallsProvidence County401OaklandProvidence County401
CharlestownWashington County401PascoagProvidence County401
ChepachetProvidence County401PawtucketProvidence County401
ClayvilleProvidence County401Peace DaleWashington County401
CoventryKent County401PortsmouthNewport County401
CranstonProvidence County401ProvidenceProvidence County401
CumberlandProvidence County401Prudence IslandNewport County401
East GreenwichKent County401RiversideProvidence County401
East ProvidenceProvidence County401RockvilleWashington County401
ExeterWashington County401RumfordProvidence County401
FiskevilleProvidence County401SaunderstownWashington County401
ForestdaleProvidence County401ShannockWashington County401
FosterProvidence County401SlatersvilleProvidence County401
GlendaleProvidence County401SlocumWashington County401
GreeneKent County401SmithfieldProvidence County401
GreenvilleProvidence County401TivertonNewport County401
HarmonyProvidence County401WakefieldWashington County401
HarrisvilleProvidence County401WarrenBristol County401
HopeProvidence County401WarwickKent County401
Hope ValleyWashington County401West GreenwichKent County401
HopkintonWashington County401West KingstonWashington County401
JamestownNewport County401West WarwickKent County401
JohnstonProvidence County401WesterlyWashington County401
KenyonWashington County401Wood River JunctionWashington County401
KingstonWashington County401WoonsocketProvidence County401
Little ComptonNewport County401WyomingWashington County401
ManvilleProvidence County401LincolnProvidence County401