New Mexico, United States

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Basic Information About New Mexico

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Capital : Santa FePopulation of : 1,874,614
NDD: 1Current time: -05:00..-11:00
New Mexico area codes: 505575Coordinates: 34.7184°N, 106.0376°W
Exit code : 011Area: 314,925 km²
Country code of United States: 1Official GOV. web site:

New Mexico Area Codes Pieces of Information

New Mexico is a state located in the southwestern United States. The state has an area of 121,598 square miles. The state’s capital and largest city are Santa Fe. New Mexico’s area codes are 505 and 575. The 505 area code covers the Albuquerque metropolitan area and the central part of the state. The 575 area code covers southern New Mexico, including the cities of Las Cruces and Roswell.

The first area code for New Mexico, 505, was assigned in 1947. It originally covered the entire state. In 1957, the eastern part of the state was split off into area code 609. In 1991, the western part of the state was split off into area code 915. In 1997, the southern part of the state was split off into area code 520. In 2007, the northwestern part of the state was split off into area code 437.

The 575 area code was assigned in 2008 to relieve the overcrowding of 505. It includes the entire western half of the state, as well as the southernmost counties in the eastern part of the state. It also includes the Albuquerque metropolitan area.

To reach a New Mexico telephone number, simply dial 1 + the area code + the 7-digit phone number. You can also use the 3-digit area code prefixes to make long-distance calls within each of New Mexico’s three area codes.

When making an interstate or international call from New Mexico, you must first dial 1 + the area code of the state or country you are calling, followed by the 7-digit phone number.

If you need to find out what area code belongs to a particular city or town in New Mexico, you can use our area code lookup tool.

Area Codes for the Largest Cities in New Mexico

CityArea CodeCityArea CodeCityArea Code
Alamogordo575Farmington505Rio Rancho505
Carlsbad575Hobbs575Santa Fe505
Clovis575Las Cruces575South Valley505

City/Area Code: New Mexico

CityCountyArea CodeCityCountyArea Code
AbiquiuRio Arriba County505Los AlamosLos Alamos County505
AlamogordoOtero County505Los LunasValencia County505
AlbuquerqueBernalillo County505Los OjosRio Arriba County505
AlcaldeRio Arriba County505LovingEddy County505
AlgodonesSandoval County505LovingtonLea County505
AltoLincoln County505LunaCatron County505
AmaliaTaos County505MagdalenaSocorro County505
AmistadUnion County505MalagaEddy County505
Angel FireColfax County505MaljamarLea County505
AnimasHidalgo County505MaxwellColfax County505
Anton ChicoGuadalupe County505MayhillOtero County505
AragonCatron County505McalisterQuay County505
Arenas ValleyGrant County505McdonaldLea County505
ArreySierra County505McintoshTorrance County505
Arroyo HondoTaos County505MedanalesRio Arriba County505
Arroyo SecoTaos County505MelroseCurry County505
ArtesiaEddy County505MentmoreMcKinley County505
AztecSan Juan County505MescaleroOtero County505
BardQuay County505MesillaDoña Ana County505
BayardGrant County505Mesilla ParkDona Ana County505
BelenValencia County505MesquiteDona Ana County505
BentOtero County505Mexican SpringsMcKinley County505
BerinoDona Ana County505MiamiColfax County505
BernalilloSandoval County505MilanCibola County505
BlancoSan Juan County505MillsHarding County505
BloomfieldSan Juan County505MilnesandRoosevelt County505
BluewaterCibola County505MimbresGrant County505
BosqueSocorro County505MontezumaSan Miguel County505
Bosque FarmsValencia County505MonticelloSierra County505
BrimhallMcKinley County505MonumentLea County505
BroadviewCurry County505MoraMora County505
BuckhornGrant County505MoriartyTorrance County505
Buena VistaMora County505MosqueroHarding County505
CaballoSierra County505MountainairTorrance County505
CanjilonRio Arriba County505Mule CreekGrant County505
Cannon AfbCurry County505NageeziSan Juan County505
CanonesRio Arriba County505Nara VisaQuay County505
CapitanLincoln County505NavajoMcKinley County505
CaprockLea County505Navajo DamSan Juan County505
CapulinUnion County505New LagunaCibola County505
CarlsbadEddy County505NewcombSan Juan County505
CarrizozoLincoln County505NewkirkSan Miguel County505
CarsonTaos County505NogalLincoln County505
Casa BlancaCibola County505OcateMora County505
CauseyRoosevelt County505Ohkay OwingehRio Arriba County505
CebollaRio Arriba County505Ojo CalienteTaos County505
Cedar CrestBernalillo County505Ojo FelizMora County505
CedarvaleTorrance County505OrganDona Ana County505
CerrillosSanta Fe County505OrograndeOtero County505
CerroTaos County505PaguateCibola County505
ChaconMora County505PecosSan Miguel County505
ChamaRio Arriba County505Pena BlancaSandoval County505
ChamberinoDona Ana County505PenascoTaos County505
ChamisalTaos County505PepRoosevelt County505
ChaparralDona Ana County505PeraltaValencia County505
ChimayoRio Arriba County505PetacaRio Arriba County505
Church RockMcKinley County505PicachoLincoln County505
CimarronColfax County505Pie TownCatron County505
ClaunchSocorro County505PinehillCibola County505
ClaytonUnion County505PinonChaves County505
ClevelandMora County505Pinos AltosGrant County505
CliffGrant County505PlacitasSandoval County505
Clines CornersTorrance County505PlayasHidalgo County505
CloudcroftOtero County505PolvaderaSocorro County505
ClovisCurry County505PonderosaSandoval County505
Cochiti LakeSandoval County505PortalesRoosevelt County505
Cochiti PuebloSandoval County505PrewittMcKinley County505
ColumbusLuna County505Pueblo Of AcomaCibola County505
Conchas DamSan Miguel County505QuayQuay County505
Continental DivideMcKinley County505QuemadoCatron County505
CordovaRio Arriba County505QuestaTaos County505
CoronaLincoln County505Radium SpringsDona Ana County505
CorralesSandoval County505RainsvilleMora County505
CostillaTaos County505RamahMcKinley County505
CounselorSandoval County505Ranchos De TaosTaos County505
CoyoteRio Arriba County505RatonColfax County505
CrossroadsLea County505Red RiverTaos County505
CrownpointMcKinley County505RedrockGrant County505
CubaSandoval County505ReginaSandoval County505
CuberoCibola County505RehobothMcKinley County505
CuervoGuadalupe County505ReserveCatron County505
DatilCatron County505RiberaSan Miguel County505
DemingLuna County505RinconDona Ana County505
DerrySierra County505Rio RanchoSandoval County505
Des MoinesUnion County505RociadaSan Miguel County505
DexterChaves County505RodeoHidalgo County505
DixonRio Arriba County505RogersRoosevelt County505
Dona AnaDona Ana County505RoswellChaves County505
DoraRoosevelt County505RoweSan Miguel County505
DulceRio Arriba County505RoyHarding County505
Eagle NestColfax County505RuidosoLincoln County505
EdgewoodSanta Fe County505Ruidoso DownsLincoln County505
El PradoTaos County505SacramentoOtero County505
El RitoRio Arriba County505Saint VrainCurry County505
Elephant ButteSierra County505SalemDona Ana County505
ElidaRoosevelt County505San AcaciaSocorro County505
EmbudoRio Arriba County505San AntonioSocorro County505
EncinoTorrance County505San CristobalTaos County505
EspanolaRio Arriba County505San FidelCibola County505
EstanciaTorrance County505San JonQuay County505
EuniceLea County505San JoseSan Miguel County505
FairacresDona Ana County505San MiguelDona Ana County505
FarmingtonSan Juan County505San PatricioLincoln County505
FaywoodGrant County505San RafaelCibola County505
Fence LakeCibola County505San YsidroSandoval County505
Flora VistaSan Juan County505Sandia ParkBernalillo County505
FloydCurry County505SanosteeSan Juan County505
FolsomUnion County505Santa ClaraGrant County505
Fort BayardGrant County505Santa CruzSanta Fe County505
Fort StantonLincoln County505Santa FeSanta Fe County505
Fort SumnerDe Baca County505Santa RosaGuadalupe County505
Fort WingateMcKinley County505Santo Domingo PuebloSandoval County505
FruitlandSan Juan County505SapelloSan Miguel County505
GallinaRio Arriba County505SedanUnion County505
GallupMcKinley County505SerafinaSan Miguel County505
GamercoMcKinley County505Sheep SpringsSan Juan County505
GarfieldDona Ana County505ShiprockSan Juan County505
GaritaSan Miguel County505Silver CityGrant County505
GilaGrant County505Smith LakeMcKinley County505
GladstoneUnion County505SocorroSocorro County505
GlencoeLincoln County505SolanoHarding County505
GlenwoodCatron County505SpringerColfax County505
GlorietaSanta Fe County505StanleySanta Fe County505
GradyCurry County505Sunland ParkDona Ana County505
GrantsCibola County505SunspotOtero County505
GrenvilleUnion County505TaibanDe Baca County505
GuadalupitaMora County505TaosTaos County505
HachitaGrant County505Taos Ski ValleyTaos County505
HagermanChaves County505TatumLea County505
HanoverGrant County505TererroSan Miguel County505
HatchDona Ana County505TesuqueSanta Fe County505
HernandezRio Arriba County505TexicoCurry County505
High Rolls Mountain ParkOtero County505ThoreauMcKinley County505
HillsboroSierra County505Tierra AmarillaRio Arriba County505
HobbsLea County505TijerasBernalillo County505
Holloman Air Force BaseOtero County505TimberonOtero County505
HolmanMora County505TinnieLincoln County505
HondoLincoln County505TohatchiMcKinley County505
HopeEddy County505TomeValencia County505
HouseQuay County505TorreonTorrance County505
HurleyGrant County505TrampasTaos County505
IlfeldSan Miguel County505TrementinaSan Miguel County505
IsletaBernalillo County505Tres PiedrasTaos County505
JalLea County505TruchasRio Arriba County505
JamestownMckinley County505Truth Or ConsequencesSierra County505
JaralesValencia County505TucumcariQuay County505
Jemez PuebloSandoval County505TularosaOtero County505
Jemez SpringsSandoval County505TyroneGrant County505
KennaRoosevelt County505Ute ParkColfax County505
KirtlandSan Juan County505VaditoTaos County505
Kirtland AfbBernalillo County505VadoDona Ana County505
La JaraSandoval County505ValdezTaos County505
La JoyaSocorro County505VallecitosRio Arriba County505
La LomaGuadalupe County505ValmoraMora County505
La LuzOtero County505VanderwagenMcKinley County505
La MaderaRio Arriba County505VaughnGuadalupe County505
La MesaDona Ana County505VeguitaSocorro County505
La PlataSan Juan County505VelardeRio Arriba County505
LagunaCibola County505VillanuevaSan Miguel County505
Lake ArthurChaves County505Wagon MoundMora County505
LakewoodEddy County505WaterflowSan Juan County505
LamySanta Fe County505WatrousMora County505
Las CrucesDona Ana County505WeedOtero County505
Las CrucesDoña Ana County505White Sands Missile RangeDona Ana County505
Las VegasSan Miguel County505Whites CityEddy County505
LemitarSocorro County505WillardTorrance County505
LincolnLincoln County505WilliamsburgSierra County505
LindrithRio Arriba County505WinstonSierra County505
LingoRoosevelt County505YataheyMckinley County505
LlanoTaos County505YesoDe Baca County505
Loco HillsEddy County505YoungsvilleRio Arriba County505
LoganQuay County505ZuniMcKinley County505
LordsburgHidalgo County505AnthonyDona Ana County575